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What is Norton antivirus?

Norton antivirus is a security solution for computer and mobile devices that scan viruses and malicious programs to remove them. Symantec develops and distributes the antivirus software package. Other than virus scanning and blocking, the security solution also renders cloud security, mobile app lock, Anti-theft, identity theft protection.

It offers personal and business security solutions to cover every domain. With its one-time subscription, users can stay stress-free from a month or year. If you want to buy a plan, you can also extend the number of years and devices as well. To explore its products, check the products section on page

How does Norton antivirus work?

Right when you install Norton setup from on your system, you allow its amenities to access all the data stored. It performs a deep scan to every location and identifies any malicious file or program. While with internet security, the firewall system of Norton setupgives real-time protection.

Alternatively, for mobile security, Norton setup has a file lock feature, which permits to set a password on the apps to restrict access. In addition, boosting devices’ performance is also an added benefit. So, if you have made your mind to choose Norton antivirus, get started with it. Follow steps to get the antivirus.

How to get Norton antivirus for Windows or Mac?

Online mode:

  1. On an updated web browser, go to
  3. Choose and click on a product
  4. From here, you can get Free trial Norton antivirus and a paid subscription
    • Free Norton setup: Creating an account on is not required
    • Norton setup with product key: Creating an account on is mandatory

Offline mode:

By visiting your nearest retail store, ask for a licensed CD/ DVD of Norton setup. The package will contain a 25-digit product key along with a hard disk. To download and install Norton antivirus, proceed with the steps below.

How to download Norton antivirus?

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in/ sign up
  3. Select a plan
  4. Click 'Subscribe now'
  5. Press 'Proceed to secure checkout'
  6. Enter the billing details
  7. Complete the process and download the software
Norton Setup

How to install Norton antivirus?

  1. Open the download file either directly from the webpage or from the source folder
  2. Choose to start Norton setup
  3. Enter Norton product key in its respective field
    • If you have located your product key on then you will not require to do it again
  4. Proceed with the on-screen instructions and complete installation

The process of installing Norton setup is the same, no matter which product you choose. Nevertheless, the method of Norton set up may differ slightly, as per the operating system and device.

The list of Norton setup products goes on. Take a complete overview of product and plans from page. Also, create an account on to leverage its safeguard facilities. From more detailed information about these products or to buy a subscription of any, visit

Norton Products and services

The organization has made it accessible to all the users to pick any product. So, if you want a business package, you have the liberty to subscribe to it. Here is a list of popular Norton antivirus setup.

Norton AntiVirus Plus

Under this plan, you get strong protection for your device and personal data. In addition, it offers real-time protection, smart firewall and more other features.

Norton 360

With a subscription of any Norton 360 package, you get an all-in-one solution for your device that includes online, identity, and offline protection.

Norton VPN

With the help of Norton VPN, it is possible to make safe all your private information like your bank details, account credentials and credit card numbers while using public or unprotected Wi-Fi on your PC or mobile device.

Norton Computer Tune Up

It is designed to optimize your computer’s performance that eventually boosts its efficiency. You will feel like you are using a new pc.

Norton Family Premier

Taking control and track of your child’s phone/ computer is what the family premier all about. Block the sites and app you do not want your kids to access and be sure of their online activities.

Norton Safe Search

A safe and sound search engine gives you peace by ensuring that that website you surf is safe or not. With the help Norton safe search, you can enjoy internet surfing with full security.