BMW exhibits Electric Bike to gain competitive edge in the technology

BMW Motorrad has revealed its latest electric motorcycle concept: The Vision DC Rodster this week.

Revealing BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster

BMW Motorrad is no stranger to the concept of the electric motorcycle. The company is known for its innovative electric motorcycle concept: BMW C Evolution electric maxi scooter. This scooter came with nominal features such as a top speed of 129 km/hr, which is as fast as some basic electric motorcycle.

Now, the company is gearing up and becoming more serious about implementing electric motorcycle concepts into their latest designs.

By doing so, the designers of all-new Vision DC Roadster bike explains that the motorcycle’s iconic boxer engine has been replaced with an electric motor and mounted batteries with the latest advanced technologies.

Along with other gas-powered motorcycles, BMW motorcycles are made up of engine-dominated designs, which is only because of the physically large size of internal ignition engines. However, since electric bikes can make more power and torque in small formats, batteries lead the designs in the electric concept- based motorcycles.

It seems that BMW Motorrad has opted for a design, which is influenced by large cooling fins to keep batteries in a cooling state. Moreover, the design portrays that there are lateral cooling inlets on both sides, which is inspired by BMW’s Boxer engine.

You will see dual brake levers on the handlebars instead of having a single lever and rear foot brake, which are the most common features seen in usual bike designs. Although the unique gear-less and clutch-less operational features allow the biker to operate dual hand brake levers, this feature is now becoming more common across the electric motorcycle industry.

The Vision DC Roadster Specifications

Those who are waiting for the Vision DC Roadster, need to know the design is relied upon designing the body with aluminum and carbon fiber. Both the materials for the bike’s body are used to minimize the electric bike’s weight which hence will increase its performance.

Although BMW is keeping Vision DC Roadster’s tech specifics a secret, there are some features that have been revealed from the company’s end. In order to keep the advance features highlighted, the Vision DC Roadster may also make use of the battery packs the same as the earlier versions of the BMW evolution series.

Wrap up:-

It’s always exciting to look for new advanced featured concepts coming in motorcycles, especially those motorcycle manufacturers, who have mastered the advanced technology with conceptual designs. BMW is known for delivering concepts that are out of the box. Such creativity and innovation need minds to collaborate, which is encouraged in companies like BMW. With raised expectations, there is much yet to get revealed.

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