Brew Up Bliss: Our Review of the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

Brew Up Bliss: Our Review of the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

Are you someone who ⁤struggles to get ‍out​ of bed ⁣in the morning? Do you rely on your morning cup ‌of coffee to jumpstart your ⁣day? If so, then ⁢the Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker in Black Walnut is ‌the ‍perfect solution for you. Here at our blog, we had⁢ the opportunity to try out this innovative product, and we are excited to share our first-hand experience ⁤with you.

The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee ⁢Maker is a game-changer ​for anyone who loves both coffee and luxury. With features like a ​Peltier Cooler Milk ​Fridge, built-in ⁢infrared sensor for milk detection, and a 500W induction ⁢boiler with auto shut-off, ​this product has everything you need to brew the perfect cup of ⁢coffee right in your bedroom. Not to mention, the convenient 5V USB port for charging your phone while you ‌enjoy your morning brew.

In this review, we‍ will dive into the functionality, design, ⁢and overall performance of the Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee ​Maker. So sit back,‍ relax, and let us take you on a journey through the world of this one-of-a-kind ⁢product.

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Our Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker in sleek Black Walnut is not your ordinary alarm ⁢clock. It not only wakes you up in the morning, but also brews a delicious cup of coffee right by your bedside. With a powerful 500W induction boiler and a Peltier cooler for milk ‌storage, this innovative product has thought of everything.

Set the Barisieur to start brewing 5 minutes‍ before the alarm goes off,‌ or even afterwards ​if you want ‌to​ snooze a bit longer.⁣ Plus, with a handy USB-port for phone charging and a built-in battery for power outages, this coffee‍ maker truly has all the bells and whistles you could​ ask for. Start your day off right⁤ with the perfect cup of coffee, all thanks to the⁢ Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker.

Check it out on Amazon!Innovative Design and Features
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When it comes​ to , this Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker truly stands out.⁢ The inclusion of a⁣ Peltier cooler for the milk fridge with built-in infrared sensor ⁣adds a touch of ⁢sophistication that sets this ‍product ​apart from the rest. The ability to customize the‌ brewing time, whether it’s 5 minutes before ‌the alarm,⁤ on the alarm, ‍or even a few minutes afterwards, gives us the flexibility to enjoy our morning coffee just the way ​we like it.

The ⁢Barisieur’s small built-in battery keeping time during power outages is a game ⁢changer,⁣ ensuring that we never miss our morning cup of coffee. Plus, the added convenience of a 5V USB-port for ‌phone charging ⁣located on the back makes this coffee maker a ⁤true multitasking marvel. With a fast 500W induction⁢ boiler and auto shut-off feature, this product combines power‍ and efficiency in one sleek design. Try it out for yourself‍ and experience the perfect blend ‍of‌ style and functionality! Order⁤ yours today on Amazon!User Experience ‍and ⁤Functionality
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Our experience with the Coffee Alarm Clock⁢ Coffee Maker has been nothing short of⁢ extraordinary in terms of functionality. The innovative Peltier Cooler ⁣feature provides a convenient Milk Fridge with ⁣a built-in‍ infrared sensor for milk detection, ensuring that your morning‌ coffee is always just the way you like it.⁣ Setting the brew time is⁣ a ‌breeze, allowing you to schedule your coffee 5 minutes before the alarm, on the alarm, or even⁢ 5, 10, or⁢ 15 minutes​ afterwards. The option to brew-on-demand‍ by ‍holding the ⁣’Make’ button for 3 seconds is a game-changer for those busy mornings when you need your coffee ASAP.

Don’t worry about ⁣power outages disrupting your morning routine, as this coffee maker comes ⁣equipped with a small built-in battery to keep time when the power is disconnected. The 5V USB-port located on the back also allows for ​convenient⁣ phone charging while you brew your coffee. With a fast 500W induction boiler that automatically shuts off, you ​can trust that your coffee will be brewed quickly and efficiently every time. Elevate your morning with⁢ the Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker and experience the perfect blend of functionality and user-friendly design. Try it ‍out for yourself ‍on Amazon today!Recommendations and Final Thoughts
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When it comes to waking up in ⁣the morning, the Barisieur ‍Coffee⁣ Alarm ⁤Clock Coffee ‌Maker in Black Walnut truly takes the cake. This innovative device not only ‍brews a delicious cup of coffee ⁤5 minutes before your ⁣alarm goes off, but it also comes equipped with a built-in milk fridge that uses an infrared sensor⁤ for milk detection. ‌The convenience doesn’t end​ there – you can​ even set it to brew on​ demand by holding the ‘Make’ button for 3 seconds.

Another standout feature of the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker ‌is its power outage resilience. Thanks to a small built-in battery, this device will keep track of time even when the power is disconnected, ensuring⁤ that you never⁤ miss a morning brew. With a powerful 500W‌ induction ⁤boiler that⁢ includes ‌an auto shut-off feature, you can trust that your​ coffee⁤ will be‍ brewed quickly and efficiently ‌every time. For those who like to multitask, there’s also a ⁣5V USB port located on the back ‍for convenient‌ phone charging. If you’re ⁤ready to revolutionize your⁢ morning routine, click here to get your hands on this incredible coffee maker! Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the Barisieur Coffee Alarm​ Clock, we found ⁣a ‌mix of opinions and experiences. Here ⁢is a breakdown of the feedback:

Positive Reviews

I honestly love my alarm. I don’t use it​ everyday but when I do it’s⁣ just amazing. I ⁤brag⁣ about it all the time and everyone thinks‍ it’s so cool.⁤ Which it really is. I have ​had no ​issues with it​ and I believe I have had it ‌for 3 years now. Def worth the 400$+
I first saw this on Kickstarter back in⁤ 2016. I’ve been waiting 3 years to get my hands on ⁣this wonderful piece of machinery.I live in NYC and do not ‌have⁣ much space in my kitchenette but I actually keep⁢ this on my ‌bedside table and I’ve had a superb coffee every morning since.Fantastic design, great aesthetics, good coffee.It’s​ also a good nighttime ritual too! Thanks ‌Barisieur
Staying in bed for my ⁣first cup of coffee ⁢(with milk!) is⁤ such a treat. Really sturdy and solid ‍construction which I⁤ was happy ‍about and looks cool on my bedside‍ table. Kinda fun to have ‍an ​alarm clock again too so I can stop using ⁣my phone alarm.
What an amazing way to start the⁤ day! ⁢I have been waking up to fresh brewed coffee⁢ for almost four months straight…and…just can’t say enough good about this product. Worth ‌every penny!
I have no complaints about ‌this product. It ⁢performs as described. It is well made and worth the price.

Negative Reviews

Coffee maker ⁣overflows ⁣grounds, makes a tiny cup of coffee and after using it a dozens times, melted. Do not buy!
The box came half open, and the product was⁤ damaged. ​Had to use my own tools to try‍ and fix it, which for a $400 ‌product, just should not happen.

Overall, the majority of customers​ seem to be satisfied with the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock, praising ⁣its design, functionality, and the quality ​of‍ coffee ⁤it brews. However, there are some concerns ⁢raised about product durability and potential issues‌ with the coffee maker ⁣function.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  1. Convenient: Waking up to the smell of freshly ​brewed coffee is‍ a luxurious experience.
  2. Customizable: The ability to set the⁢ coffee to start brewing at different intervals allows for a personalized wake-up routine.
  3. Multi-functional: ⁤In ⁤addition to‌ brewing coffee, it also functions as an alarm clock, milk fridge, and phone⁤ charger.
  4. Power​ outage resilience: The built-in battery ensures that the alarm⁢ will still work even if the power goes out during the night.
  5. Modern design: The black walnut finish gives the Barisieur an ⁤elegant and sleek⁢ look that fits well⁣ in any bedroom.


  1. Price: The Barisieur is on the pricier side, which may not⁢ be accessible for all budgets.
  2. Capacity: The 2-ounce coffee maker may be too⁢ small for those⁣ who prefer larger servings of coffee.
  3. Cleaning: The ⁣intricate design of the machine may make it more difficult to clean compared ⁤to traditional coffee makers.

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Q: Is the Barisieur Coffee‌ Alarm ‌Clock easy to use?
A: Yes, the Barisieur is very user-friendly.‍ Simply set the ‌alarm and‌ choose when you want your coffee to ⁤start ⁤brewing, and you’re all set!

Q: Can I use different types of coffee ⁤with the Barisieur?
A: Absolutely! You ​can use any type of ground coffee ​or even coffee pods with the Barisieur.

Q: ⁢How long does it take ⁢for the Barisieur to‍ brew a cup⁢ of ‍coffee?
A:‍ The Barisieur brews a cup of coffee in just a few minutes, so you can wake ⁤up to⁣ the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Q: Is it easy to clean the Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock?
A: Yes, cleaning ‌the Barisieur is a breeze. ​Simply wipe down the exterior and wash the glassware like you would with any other coffee maker.

Q: Can⁢ I program ⁣the Barisieur to brew multiple cups of coffee ⁣at once?
A: Unfortunately, the Barisieur is designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time.⁣ But with how quick it brews, you’ll have a fresh cup ready before you ⁤know it!

Q: Does the⁤ Barisieur come ‍with a⁣ warranty?
A: Yes, the Barisieur comes⁢ with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction with this innovative product.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about the Barisieur Coffee Alarm‌ Clock Coffee Maker- we’re here to help! Achieve New Heights
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As we conclude our review ‍of the ⁤Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker, we can’t help but be ⁢impressed by the sleek design and innovative features of this unique ‍device. From⁤ its powerful‌ induction boiler to its convenient milk fridge with infrared sensor, the Barisieur truly transforms your morning routine into a​ delightful experience.

If you’re looking to elevate your wake-up call and ‌start your day with a fresh cup of coffee, then the ⁣Barisieur is the perfect ​addition to your morning ⁤routine. Say goodbye to groggy mornings and hello to a new level of bliss with every brew.

Ready to revolutionize your mornings?‌ Click here to get your own Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker today: Get Yours⁣ Now!

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