Early Impact of Google Core June 2019 Update

Recently Google has announced a Core update which is believed to have set an example and this update has happened for the first time in the history of Google updates. The Core update is all about a major change in Google algorithm.

What is Core Update?

Although other major Google updates such as Panda, penguin or hummingbird algorithms come with a specific target such as checking for content quality or backlinks. This is not the case with Core updates. These updates do not come with a specific aim; instead, they bring about changes with them. These updates tend to impact websites in a wide range of areas by negatively affecting low-quality sites.

Let’s find out what’s new?

An analysis of Google Research Cloud data indicates about the initial impact of the June 2019 update.

Increase in Video Carousels- Although some updates won’t change the way how the website’s content is examined, while some may influence the layout of the SERPs. With June 2019 Core update, we could possibly see the roll-out of video carousels for a huge number of searches which will ultimately lead to a visible growth on YouTube and a hike of 61.1% is expected this year.

Low-quality news sites could be the Google next target- With the updates, we can always expect for good to happen. There are some negative impacts too. The negatively affected websites could possibly be news websites, which suggests that Google may raise the quality checking bar for news topics.

Trusted aggregator sites boosted- It is possible that if Google removes low-quality or smaller websites then the larger websites with a solid reputation for quality content might take the place of those websites such as yelp.com and yellowpages.com, which recently benefitted from the update.

For the first time, Google announced the Core Update beforehand

For the first time, in the history of Google, it has been seen that Google pre-announced that a major update which would alter the core algorithm. The news of the new update came on Twitter, where Google exposed the date of Core roll-out. It also provided the SEO world with a ready-made name for the upcoming Core update.

Danny Sullivan, the face of the Google Search Liaison account, explained the aim behind this change is that Google wants to be more pro-active with the content available on Google. The second core update meant that many health-related websites were amongst the biggest winners and losers from the March 2019 Google Update.

Has your ranking collapsed after the Core update?

Regarding the update, Google stated that there are no specific errors that can be eradicated in order to recover the loss faced by collapsed ranking. Yet, there is a solution to every problem and it is recommended that websites which want to be at top of the search result page should provide users with original and unique content. This is the only way out to improve rankings. One should do thorough research on “Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines” for knowing about Google’s criteria of classifying and analyzing the content.

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