Common Gift Card Scams And Tips To Avoid Them 

Every other day, hackers are finding new ways to deteriorate your privacy and security on a bigger level than before. Owing to that, they have recently devised a new way to hack into your digital life i.e. by using the all-new gift card scam technique. These gift card scams have evolved so much that hackers have devised multiple ways to trick you.

These gift card scams are carried out by using different means including phone calls, Voice SMS, and text SMS. The scammers pose to be official agents from different authorized centers asking you to pay through gift cards. Once you respond to them in a positive manner, they will then take benefit of this opportunity to steal all your personal and financial information.

Hence, to make you more aware of these latest gift card scams, we are going to highlight a few important points that would make you understand things in a clear way. Along with these common scams, we shall also list the tips to avoid falling prey to such a scam and never get exploited by a scammer.

Fortunately, there are some common ways through which you can easily spot these scams and then work accordingly as discussed in one of the blogs posted on the webpage.

The mechanism behind gift card scams

If you have a little information about high-pressure techniques, then you will be able o understand this concept very easily. According to some tax officials, the scammers who are responsible for these scams usually take a phone call and SMS as their primary medium to trick you. During the call, they shall tell you that you are in serious financial trouble and if you do not respond to them on time, you will face huge financial loss or will be held under tax laws. And to avoid this situation, the victim needs to share their gift card details and the PIN using which scammer could purchase anything he wishes to. Moreover, there are some more ways that they use to trick users. So, in the section below, we are going to list the most common types of such scams.

Types of gift card scams

  • Posing to be from IRS

This is one of the most common gift card scams that have taken place recently. In this type of scam, the scammer would pose to be one of the IRS officials and tells you that you need to pay some taxes. If not paid on time, the police will arrest you and there’s only one way out of this i.e. paying them through gift card.

Tip- IRS is one such department that does not communicate with residents through the means of text or call. They always send you a letter to disclose any information related to paying taxes.

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  • Beware of the cashier 

There were events in the past in which it was it was found out that the cashier of different stores have partnered with scammers to make their wrongdoings work out. Now the question is how these scams work out. Well, there are a lot of ways through which such scams are carried out. Well, when a buyer purchases a gift card from a store, he may provide you with a gift card that hasn’t been activated yet. Meanwhile, he uses the activated gift card to make purchases for himself.

Tip- you should beware when you purchase a gift card from the store. Make sure that you are being provided with a gift card that has been activated. To avoid this scam, it is better that you purchase a gift card online.

  • Use of magstripe reader

The electronic number which is secretly written on the magnetic stripe of the card can be revealed with the help of a magstripe reader. After this, they put the card on display once again and meanwhile make purchases while using the same.

Tip- To avoid falling prey to this scam, make sure that you do not purchase a gift card that has been put on display.

  • The online gift card scams

Sometimes, there are websites that offer you a great deal on gift cards. Whenever you purchase gift cards from these sites, you actually never receive them, or even if you receive them, you are provided with only a little amount on them.

Tip- Make sure that you buy gift cards only from the official websites and do not get lured by the fake offers that they provide you with.


By having a look at the events that took place in the past, we can say that you should stay alert about the new ways that scammers are using to trick you into their scams. Just make sure that you do not respond to any such call or text SMS that is asking you for your gift card number or other financial details. Apart from this, we have also mentioned the scam-specific tips to help you in such situations and respond to them in a better way.


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