How to fix “Norton won’t open” error?

Norton antivirus software is one of the most trusted security software that is globally used and recommended by the users. There are advanced security features which you get once you download Norton software on your operating devices. However, you may face some issues like Norton won’t open; it can be due to many problems. In this issue, you are unable to access the Norton Internet Security program and due to this your online data is not secured. Norton Internet Security is important because it protects your personal identity and data online from virus attacks and malicious content.

The Norton scans the documents, emails, and websites for the vulnerable threats that you might not be aware of. If you have downloaded Norton and if it doesn’t work on your computer then it may be possible that there are several problems that are coming in between to protect you. Here, you will get to know the steps to deal with Norton won’t open error. So, without a further do, let’s get started!!

What are the steps to deal with Norton not working error?

Make sure you follow the steps mentioned below in an orderly manner to fix Norton won’t open error:-

  1. Firstly, you need to right-click on the “Norton” icon and click on the “Properties” option.
  2. If you see any error on the screen, then click on the errors and clear them up.
  3. Now, click on the “Add/remove programs” from “Control Panel” if the error still persists.
  4. Go through the list of programs that are installed on your device and then click on the “Norton” to remove it.
  5. Now, visit the official website from where you have downloaded the Norton software.
  6. Download the software again in order to clear any errors with the original software program.
  7. After this, you need to contact the Norton Internet Security customer support team for troubleshooting steps.

Note: On the support page if you type the error name say “Norton won’t open”, you will get the specific instruction about how to fix the problem.

To conclude:-

Hopefully, the steps mentioned in this article have helped you to fix the Norton won’t open error. However, if you are still unable to fix the error or have any query to be discussed, then it is suggested to visit The website link will redirect to the Customer Support page where the assistants will help you to resolve the issues with the help of appropriate guidelines to be followed. Remember, it is mandatory to follow the steps in an orderly manner so that you don’t skip any step of completing the process.


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