Why Identity Management Should Be A Part Of Our Digital Life

If most of your day-to-day work depends on the usage of the internet and visiting different websites or using multiple apps, then it’s time that you give heed to protecting your digital lives. Anyone who surfs the web has a digital identity that is neglected by many of us. Whenever we visit any website, some part of our information stays with them. Some websites use cookies to save our IP address and some may store other information related to our identity.

Therefore, in this post, we will have a glance at the things you can do to protect your identity and how practicing identity management could help you in the long run. Although there are some security products available at norton.com/setup, there are a few things that you need to practice yourself.

How identity management could stimulate digital privacy?

Whenever you think of online privacy it is the first step that you take towards bettering your life. It is something that helps us stay far away from online scams, stealing of our online credentials, usernames, stored data, contact details, and much more. At the time you shop online, you share your card details, your residential and contact details. However, if you share such information on any shopping site then you should make sure that you are doing so only on the authentic website.

In case you want to get an alert whenever you visit a dangerous or suspicious website, then should install a holistic security solution or browser extension from norton.com/setup. In case you are currently not thinking of installing a security solution, then practicing identity management should come into action.

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Things you can do to shield your identity

For safeguarding your online data efficiently, it is very important that you direct your energy towards something which helps you to protect your personal information that is stored online. So, given below are some most important things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Change your social media/shopping account’s password regularly

This tip might seem pretty common and simple to you because we get to read about this time and again. But, how many of us actually practice this? At the time of password creation, you are asked to choose a password that has upper and lower case letters includes numbers as well as special characters. But it should not be the same as the one you use on another account. Also, changing the passwords on a regular basis should be practiced in short intervals. To serve this purpose, you can use the Norton Password Manager which is available at norton.com/setup.

  • Enable two-factor authentication

 Nobody could bypass the security of an online account that is encrypted with two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication. An account that is encrypted with 2FA could not be unlocked only by the password but it could be unlocked only when you enter the One Time Password that you receive on your registered phone number or email address.

Thus, make sure all those accounts which contain your sensitive information should be secured by 2FA or MFA. Apart from this, you should also make sure that you enable this type of encryption on your online banking accounts.

  • Use a VPN

If you want to hide your location or IP Address from getting traced by website owners, then you should consider using a VPN. This is the best software that helps you do that and effectively safeguards your digital identity to some extent. For this, you can go to norton.com/setup and installing Norton Internet Security on your device.

This not only hides your location but also restricts data leakage whenever you send or receive it. The use of a VPN should be actively done when you are connecting to public Wi-Fi. By doing this, we can assure you that nobody could gain access to your login credentials as well.

  • Don’t over-share on social media

Whenever you post something on your social media account, the chances of the content getting circulated are very high. This could also result in online fraud because you are sharing an important thing or event of your life. This could let the hacker know about your whereabouts and many things that may ultimately prove to be harmful. In addition that, you are also advised to change your privacy settings as soon as you sign up for a new social media account. To ensure maximum privacy, make sure you follow the identity protection tips given at norton.com/setup.

  • Download a security solution

This is one of the best things you can do for identity management and safeguarding your device from virus attacks. In case malware enters your device, it could leak all the data that you have stored on your PC. Thus, make sure that your device is well-equipped with a product like Norton 360 which is available at the official website of Norton and can be downloaded from norton.com/setup.


In today’s time, it is tough to maintain your digital identity but there are a few things that you can do in this scenario. In addition to following the methods given above, you should also keep your device’s OS updated along with the programs available on it. Also, make sure that you watch out for phishing scams that are taking place through shopping websites, social media, and fake emails with suspicious links.


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