How to spot and avoid ever-rising Job-posting scams?

COVID-19 is continuously testing our patience in different ways. Some are losing their loved ones while others are losing their jobs. The rate of unemployment is continuously growing in different parts of the world. As a result of this, people are ready to get employed even if they are not being paid enough. Taking this grave situation as an opportunity, scammers are leaving no stone unturned to make such people’s lives even more haunted.

So, if you are also looking for a new job, then you are suggested to take this article seriously. This article covers all the points that would surely help you to avoid becoming a victim of such scams.

Although this might not seem a new thing you as most of us have heard about job-posting scams at least once in our lifetime. However, we might not be able to make out a difference between real and fake job posts.

How does this scam work?

Nowadays, hunting for a job on the internet is very common which ultimately makes it easier for scammers to carry out their scam. As soon as you search the web for a job and navigate to a site of a fake employer, the actual work of the scammer begins there and then.

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At times, they shall ask you to pay out some money and another time, they may ask you to share your credit card and other personal details. Furthermore, the information shared by you is used for different purposes other than the specified ones.

Some scammers need only your email address to trick you into sending them money directly. As soon as they get your contact details, they continue to email you with new and lucrative jobs or they may call you on your phone number offering you some interesting jobs with attractive salary packages.

Spotting a fake job

Well, there are a few things that can serve to be a hint towards spotting a fake job posting on the internet as well as the phone call:

  • An employer who asks you to pay an amount to provide you with a job is usually a fake employer
  • Someone who is asking you to share your credit card details or sends you a notification to make a payment directly to his account can also be categorized as the fake employer
  • If an employer asks you for your SSN and gets too personal while demanding your info is also a sign of a fake employer
  • If you receive an email for a job offer from a fake employer, the information provided by him is usually incomplete
  • The company address would usually be fake
  • They would not have their website too
  • They do not have their own company’s email address but are sending you emails from email clients like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.
  • There job posting has several grammatical errors
  • They are offering you an attractive package that is not appropriate for the post
  • When you ask them about you the company’s detail, they provide you with such information which could not be true
  • They wish to hire you immediately without even taking your interview
  • The employer would ask you for your bank account details before you are provided with the job offer letter

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Ways to stay protected

Do not share any financial details or Social Security Number before you get hired and actually visit the company at its specified address

  • Read the job-related emails carefully and look for grammatical mistakes
  • Do not respond to those ads which seem too good to be true
  • In case you have not been called for the interview and you are being hired immediately without even getting your skills tested, then avoid partnering with them
  • Make sure you do not pay any amount before you are actually hired
  • Look for the hostname in the company’s email address
  • Check if the company has its own website or not. If it has, go through the details given about the company very carefully
  • You can also search for the company details on Google and read the reviews given by others

What if you were scammed?

Even after knowing how the job-posting scams work, some people might still become a victim of it. So, if you are also one such victim, then you should immediately take action against the particular employer. Primarily, you should file a complaint with the cyber-crime department and give them each detail of how you were scammed.

Apart from this, you can also report the website through which you got to know about that job. You should also check your bank account details and credit card report to know if any suspicious transaction has been made from your account. If yes, then you can take further actions regarding this.

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Any one of us can become a fake job scam because these job offers are so attractive that one could not ignore them. However, there are always tell-tale signs of scam job postings. Fortunately, there are some measures that you can take to avoid them or use Norton 360 2021 edition using which you can easily get notified about a fake or spam job-posting website.


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