Light up Your Life with SUPRUS Electric Lighter – Our Honest Review

When it comes ⁤to lighting up a⁣ candle, starting a campfire, or ‌firing up the BBQ grill, having the right tool makes all the difference. That’s why we were excited ‍to‍ try out the SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless USB ⁤Lighter. This sleek and stylish ‍silver lighter is⁤ not⁢ only rechargeable and windproof, but also comes with a handy‌ safety ⁤lock feature for ⁣peace of mind.​ We put this portable and convenient lighter to ​the test during camping trips, ‍backyard⁤ BBQs, and cozy nights at home, and we’re ready to share our‌ experience‌ with ⁢you.⁢ From‌ its battery⁣ notification system to ⁤its safety protection design, there’s a lot to love about ‌this SUPRUS lighter. Stay tuned as we dive into the details and give you the inside scoop on this must-have ⁤gadget for any outdoor⁣ enthusiast or candle lover.

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Our experience with the SUPRUS Electric Lighter in Silver has been nothing short of exceptional. The lightweight and portable design make it incredibly convenient​ for a variety of outdoor‍ activities such as BBQs, camping, and hiking. The wind and‍ splash-proof ‍technology ensure that the‍ flameless plasma​ arc can withstand even the toughest weather conditions, making it a reliable companion​ for all your lighting needs.

The built-in safety features,​ including an automatic power-off chip protection and external safety lock⁤ switch, ⁢provide peace of mind when using ‍the lighter around children. ⁢The battery notification feature is also a‍ helpful addition,⁣ allowing you to easily keep track of the battery level and ensure you never run ⁣out​ of power unexpectedly. Overall, we highly recommend the SUPRUS Electric Lighter for its durability, convenience, and modern design.

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Impressive ⁣Features and Design

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The ⁣SUPRUS Electric Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless⁤ USB ‍Lighter in Silver truly stands ​out with its . ‍The ⁢portable and convenient lightweight design makes it perfect​ for various activities such ‍as BBQs, ‍travel‌ camping,​ hiking, cooking, and more. The wind and‌ splash-proof technology ensures ​that the flameless plasma technology is not ​affected by‌ the elements, making it a reliable tool for ‌lighting⁣ even in bad weather ⁢conditions.

One of the most​ notable features of this electric⁤ lighter is the battery notification ‌system, which allows​ you to easily monitor the battery level with the LED lights on the barrel. The safety protection ⁢design‍ is also top-notch, with an automatic power-off chip ‍protection and a safety lock switch⁣ for increased safety. Designed with child safety in mind, the ignition⁢ spark will automatically stop⁣ after 7 seconds to prevent accidents. If you’re ⁢looking for a reliable and safe electric ⁢lighter for​ your everyday⁣ needs, this ⁣SUPRUS lighter ⁣is definitely⁣ worth considering. Check it out⁤ on Amazon ⁣today!

In-depth‌ Analysis and‌ Performance

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When ‌it comes to analyzing the performance of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter, we were thoroughly impressed by its portability and‌ convenience. The ‌lightweight design truly makes ⁤it a versatile tool for various⁤ activities such as BBQs,⁣ camping, hiking,‌ and more. Its wind and splash-proof ⁣features add an extra layer of reliability, ⁤ensuring that you can easily light ‍up⁢ your surroundings even in unfavorable weather conditions.

The battery notification system⁢ is a​ standout⁤ feature of this rechargeable ‌lighter. With real-time battery​ volume display, you’ll always know when it’s time for a recharge. The safety protection design, including⁢ an​ automatic power-off chip and ​a safety⁢ lock⁢ switch, provides peace of mind,‍ especially for households with children. Overall, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter⁤ offers a user-friendly experience with a‍ thoughtful blend of convenience and safety features. If you’re in the ⁣market for a⁢ reliable and efficient electric​ lighter, this ⁤product ⁢is definitely worth considering. Check ⁣it out on Amazon to experience its​ benefits firsthand!
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Recommendations and ⁢Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, we highly‌ recommend the SUPRUS Electric Lighter for anyone in need ​of⁢ a reliable, convenient, and safe lighter for various purposes. The portable and⁤ lightweight design makes it perfect for ‍traveling, camping, or simply using it at home ⁢for candles or ‍fireplaces.‍ The windproof and splash-proof features ensure ⁤that it will work flawlessly even under harsh weather conditions. The battery notification​ system ⁣is also a handy ⁣addition, allowing you ‍to ‌know exactly when it’s time to recharge.

Overall, ​the safety protections built into ‌this lighter make it a great choice for families with children. The‌ automatic⁢ power-off chip protection and safety lock ⁣switch provide peace of mind,​ knowing that ⁤it’s secure to⁣ use around little ones. With its easy-to-use design and ⁢long-lasting battery life, the SUPRUS⁢ Electric Lighter is a must-have tool‌ for anyone looking for a ‍reliable ‌and efficient way to light candles, BBQs, or campfires. Don’t hesitate to grab yours now and make your life easier! Check it out ⁢here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ​reviewing ‌multiple ​customer ‌reviews of the SUPRUS Electric Lighter, we ​noticed​ a mix of positive and negative⁤ experiences shared by users. Let’s break it down:

Positive ⁤Reviews
Great customer service
Sleek⁤ and ‍easy to ⁤use​ design
Long-lasting battery
Convenient alternative ‌to matches
Perfect for candle​ lovers

Many‍ customers praised ​the customer service provided by ⁢SUPRUS, with‌ quick responses and willingness to replace faulty ​units. The design⁣ was also highly regarded for its sleek appearance and ease of use. The long-lasting battery impressed users, especially those who used it frequently for‌ lighting candles.

Negative Reviews
Short lifespan‌ for some ⁣users
Charging issues reported
Difficulty with power switch

On⁣ the other hand, some customers experienced issues with the ⁢SUPRUS Electric Lighter, such as a ‌short lifespan ​or charging problems.‍ Some users also found the power switch to be difficult to locate due to‌ its color ⁤blending in with the​ lid. These ‍factors ⁢led to ⁢frustration ‍and disappointment for those‌ individuals.

In conclusion, the‍ SUPRUS Electric Lighter has received⁤ mixed ‍reviews from customers,‌ with a⁣ strong emphasis on ⁢its ‌customer service, ⁢sleek design, and long-lasting battery. However,⁢ issues​ with⁤ lifespan, ⁤charging,‌ and usability have also been‍ reported. When considering‍ this product, it’s⁢ important to weigh these factors and determine if ‍it meets your specific needs and preferences.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ‌Cons


1.⁢ Portable & Convenient
2. ‍Wind & Splash⁤ Proof
3. Battery Notification
4. Safety Protection Design
5.⁣ Easy to Use
6. Rechargeable


1. Safety Lock Switch may be a bit tricky to use at first
2. Igniting spark auto stops ⁤after 7 ‍seconds,⁤ may require ​re-starting

Overall, the SUPRUS ⁢Electric Lighter is a great option‌ for those ​looking‌ for⁢ a ‌convenient​ and⁣ reliable​ way to light candles, BBQs,​ and more. Its ⁤portability, windproof design, and safety ⁤features⁢ make it a​ standout choice⁤ for outdoor activities and everyday use.


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Q: Is the SUPRUS Electric Lighter easy to use?
A: Yes, the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is very easy to ‌use. Simply push the safety lock switch and then press the ignition switch⁣ to light up​ your candles, BBQ, or campfire.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The ‌battery life will vary depending on usage, but ⁣when all 4 LED lights on the barrel are⁣ lit up, the lighter ‍is fully charged and ready for use.

Q: Is the SUPRUS Electric ⁢Lighter safe to ⁤use around kids?
A: Yes, the SUPRUS ⁣Electric Lighter is designed with safety in⁢ mind. It has a built-in automatic power-off chip protection and⁣ an external safety lock switch to⁣ prevent accidental ignitions. Additionally, the igniting ⁣spark will automatically stop after 7 seconds.

Q: Can the⁣ SUPRUS Electric Lighter ​be used in windy conditions?
A: Yes, ⁤the SUPRUS Electric Lighter is windproof due to its flameless plasma ‍technology which prevents the electrical pulses from being blown out⁢ by strong winds.

Q: ⁢What is included in the package?
A: When you purchase the SUPRUS Electric ​Lighter, you will receive the rechargeable lighter,⁤ a⁢ USB charging cable,⁢ a gift box, a user manual, and 24-hour ‌friendly customer service.

Unleash⁤ Your True Potential

As we come to ⁢the end of our⁢ review on the SUPRUS Electric Lighter, we can​ confidently say​ that this sleek and efficient⁤ lighter ⁤is a ⁤must-have accessory ⁣for ​anyone who ⁢enjoys outdoor activities, candlelight⁤ dinners, or simply wants a reliable tool for everyday use.

With ‌its windproof and splash-proof design, advanced ‍safety⁤ features, and convenient USB rechargeability,‌ the ‍SUPRUS Electric ⁣Lighter is not only practical but⁣ also‌ stylish in its silver finish.

So why wait? Light up ⁢your life with the​ SUPRUS Electric Lighter today and experience⁣ the convenience and safety it has to ⁢offer.

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