Points of Differences between McAfee and Norton Security Software

Whenever you are looking to have an antivirus for your devices, then you look for the points of differences between two of the most recommended software that is, McAfee total Protection and Norton Security Premium. And then only decide which antivirus will be suitable for providing complete protection for your device. Most of you get confused about which antivirus to choose over which device.

This article will help you to decide which antivirus to choose between Norton Security Premium and McAfee Total protection by evaluating the nuts and bolts of both the antivirus software.

Basic Differences between Norton Security Premium and McAfee Total Protection


On the basis of App design:-

Both the applications are relatively easy to understand and neither of them follows a complex structure. McAfee is having a simple logo and designs for its web pages with a left rail for navigation and moreover, it has an additional menu at the top of the window.

Overall it’s not so much complex in designing part however, McAfee’s have split options between its main window and the left rail is a bit complex but with Norton, you will get 5 panels that you can tap or click to go through the options of each panel.  So, Norton wins the point.

Performance measured:-

As per the in-house tests, Norton’s performance is up to the mark while McAfee with comparison to Norton did not match the standards set by McAfee. The test included a test to take a 3.8 GB MKD HD file and then convert it to Handbrake’s android present. Hence, Norton wins the test game.

Price comparison:-

The cost of Norton Security Premium is $50 for the initial year along with a regular price of $110 and can extend up to 10 devices. If you compare McAfee Total Protection then McAfee is a bit cheaper for the initial users at $45 per year with a regular price of $110.

More features:-

Apart from the basic security features and online scanning, Norton Security Premium gives its users a 25 GB if cloud backup, a password manager, file cleanup tool, disk optimizing tool and a startup manager.

Whereas with McAfee Total protection, you get the True Key password and identity manager but it limits the usage of its security features up to 10 devices, File shredding tool, Life Safe file encryption, and third party application update manager.

Both security software offers an ample amount of features. However, McAfee doesn’t have the cloud backup and Norton doesn’t have file encryption.

Device Protection:-

You cannot decide what antivirus is the best if you have not considered its protection capabilities. Both McAfee and Norton are very closely related but if you go into the security products range, both the antivirus has. Then Norton is considered to be in a Win-Win situation.

In a conclusive viewpoint:-

With no surprise, Norton Security Premium is a winner between McAfee and Norton antivirus software. McAfee does have so extra feature credit points and does have a suitable protection level. Considering both McAfee and Norton together and measuring the extra features, protection, and performance, Norton Security Premium is the winner. If you want to download Norton Security Premium just visit Norton.com/setup and get easily protect your data.


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