How to ensure the safety of Windows and Mac by using Norton Security?

The integrity of tech security and antivirus protection has constantly been a subject of debate for years. How to protect working professionals and individuals from data theft and ransomware at the same time, are the primary concerns the debate is dedicated to. will help you get the answers to all your security concerns.

From tech manufacturers to emerging IT firms, everyone is desperately seeking a reliable security platform (Such as to safeguard the online interests of their customers. However, with a constant rise in novel technologies, ensuring reliable online security is a challenging task, even the biggest players in the market, such as (Windows and Mac) are not untouched by the intensity of online threats and cybercrimes.

Norton Safety

Such a challenge is good for the growth of innovation because keeping pace with emerging technologies breeds several opportunities for security platforms (Such as Norton Setup) to prove their mettle. This has fueled a potential for competitive growth among the security providers.

Here we are going to highlight some of the key elements of Norton Setup to safeguard the computing experience of Windows and Mac users. You can download Norton products via

Key elements of Norton Setup Protection for Windows via

  • Exploit Prevention: The feature is very useful to thwart any such attempts of exploring hidden loopholes in Windows application or Operating System that we commonly refer to “Zero Day” attacks. These attacks led by cybercriminals, or hackers, or whatever term you prefer best to condemn them, is another attempt to breach our online security.
  • Insight – detects the files and folder that are either safe or contaminated by viruses and malware.
  • SONAR Behavioral Protection – detects files that are potentially dangerous for the security program that may prevent you fight new threats.
  • Always-up-to-date – automatically download and install latest updates and products in your absence.
  • Download Insight – prevents you to download anything from a website that has a low reputation score within Norton Community.
  • Spam Blocking – Blocks Spam messages, that can steal your identity.
  • Norton Community Watch – collects volunteered details of Norton users to spot threats faster and accurate, and to mount stronger defenses.
  • Norton Password Manager – saves and remembers your Norton account credentials to help you access the account quickly.
  • Norton Safe Web – lets you know of websites that are unsafe before you browse them
  • Smart two-way firewall – prevents unauthorized access to your home network by blocking incoming traffic that is deemed unsafe.
  • Automatic Backup – back up your images, videos, documents worth of 25 GB automatically.
  • Norton family Premier – a tool that ensures your kids is safe while using internet.

Key elements of Norton Setup Protection for Mac via

  • Essential Online Protection
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Location Awareness
  • Mac Application control
  • Daily Protection Updates
  • Norton Safe Web
  • Anti-phishing Technology
  • Smart Two-Way firewall Protection
  • Email and Instant Message Attachment Monitoring
  • Internet Protection System

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