Reference Book to Guide You Through a Smooth Norton

Norton antivirus solutions are programs that help in protecting several computer devices and works as a barrier for the attacking virus, spyware, worms and even Trojan horses that can be directed to harm you.

These antivirus solutions carry on constant scan-tasks on computer systems to shield your time online (for web searches, open and check emails, along with downloading files daily, and is done efficiently via

One of the very specific things about Norton antivirus is that you do not have to worry about changes or modification of software getting updated or not, it is automatic. It is considered to have been tested independently and a third party has verified its integrity.

This read is focused on discussing its major traits and important processes that would lead you to use this antivirus software hassle-free.


Before we discuss what Norton Antivirus is, let’s discuss the three specific characteristics that help in making Norton solutions stand out from other antivirus solutions:

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  • Automatic- This Antivirus program is automated along with the activation and it starts running as soon as your computer system is switched on. It helps your system block all browser and application-related threats, along with providing protection from several infected websites. These threats can be detected and taken care of at any time that you spend online. You’ll get alerted, and the blocking will be put in action.
  • Constant Updates- A Symantec Live Update function is included in the antivirus program that helps in continuous updates of software version which would further keep you away and strengthen you against any new variant of threat on the internet from entering the computer system.
  • Threat Scans- These antivirus software programs are designed to do constant threat scans on your system for extended safety. If it comes across any harmful threat or unidentified potential threat, it gets blocked right away. The ones it cannot block, it isolates and alerts you for consultation. It even protects you from getting attacked while using any instant messaging services. As threats are too difficult to be detected when operations are ongoing and continuous, Norton offers a specific feature for the purpose.

Knowing and Redeeming the Product Key

The product key is a unique activation code (25-digit), that you need to use for activating your subscription purchase on Norton Official Website. It is provided or allotted to you at the time of your purchase by either online or offline mode.

When it is delivered to you via an offline mode you receive retail cards and when it gets delivered to you online, you’ll receive it via your registered or submitted email address. Given below are the steps to redeem your product key.

Online Procedure

  1. Sign in to the account you created at the time of your purchase.
  2. Check your mailbox for an email from Norton for confirmation.
  3. Get into the received email to familiarize with your subscription.
  4. Look into the “Product Information” section for the product key.
  5. Keep the code retained for further procedures of the subscription.

Offline Procedure

  1. Begin with unpacking your product package for a subscription.
  2. Carefully, look out for the retail card in the package box.
  3. If not, search for the key printed on the inside of the box.
  4. Remove or scratch the silver coating on the retail card.
  5. Get into the mentioned web link on your retail card.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompted rules or instructions.

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Downloading the Norton Antivirus Goodness

To use and benefit from the Norton antivirus program, you have to complete the download process that is the beginning of the three-phase activation procedure. Given below are the steps you have to undertake to download the Norton antivirus:

  1. Get into from an in-use web browser.
  2. Create an account or sign in to your existing account with Norton.
  3. Choose from the given payment options and make the payment.
  4. Ensure reading and agreeing to the licensing agreement.
  5. Hit “Download” for the Norton product that fits best.

Getting One Step Closer to Norton Experience

Once you’ve completed the downloading process, you’ve completed the first phase of the three series activation process of the subscription. Listed here are the steps you need to go through to install the downloaded Norton antivirus product on your computer systems or the second phase:

  1. Look for, locate and get into the downloaded Norton file.
  2. Launch the existing and installed Norton antivirus product.
  3. Now, hit on the option key saying “Run as Administrator”.
  4. Hit “Yes” to grant permission to the Installation process.
  5. As the installation is done, restart the system when prompted.

The Last Juncture in the Subscription Process

Now, comes the activation process that is the most important part of the entire series of processes or call it the third and the final phase.

When you activate your Norton antivirus subscription, the antivirus starts working on your system and attempts to get rid of any existing, ongoing, and/or potential harm or threat/s. Enlisted are the steps you have to undergo for the activation:

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  1. Locate and go for the Norton product’s icon on-screen.
  2. Provide the system with your pre-registered email address.
  3. Confirm the validity of the email and hit on the “Submit” key.
  4. Now is the time to provide the 25-digit activation product key.
  5. With hitting “Verify” the Norton activation process will end.


Norton is known worldwide for helping and/or guiding users through the three-phase of activation procedure of their Norton antivirus subscription package.

The major traits of the antivirus software programs are consistent scanning of threats, automatic running, and constant updates that help in protecting your computer systems and prevent any potential threat from attacking, let’s say, through infected websites.

This read has been exclusively focused on the redeeming procedure of the product key (online and offline), along with steps to download, install, and activate the antivirus solution on your computer system.


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