Summer Dreams: OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz Review

Summer Dreams: OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz Review

Get ⁤ready to dive⁤ into the vibrant and sophisticated world⁢ of the OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz from the Summer 2021 Malibu Collection. With 12 bold shades inspired by the iconic coastal paradise of⁤ LA, this nail ‌polish will make you feel​ like you’re living your best summer life. From strawberry waves ⁣to mali-blue shore, each shade is designed to make a statement and elevate your nail game. But it’s not just about the colors⁤ – ⁤OPI Nail Lacquer also⁣ comes with base and top coats to ensure a long-lasting and flawless manicure. So,⁤ if ​you want nails that make a splash, look no further than OPI Nail⁣ Lacquer. Join us as we dive into this dreamy summer palette and discover the magic of OPI Malibu ​Nail Lacquer ​Nail Polish. Let’s get our‌ nails summer-ready!

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Feeling⁢ the ‍vibes of LA’s iconic coastal paradise has never been easier with ⁤this dreamy summer palette of 12​ bold nail ⁢polish shades. Whether you’re into‍ glittery strawberry waves or warm⁣ creamy neutrals, there’s⁤ a shade from the OPI Summer 2021 Malibu Collection for everyone, making it impossible not to fall in love with this vibrant array.

Product‍ Dimensions: 1.37 x 1.37‌ x 3.18 inches
Item model number: 99350080950_1
Manufacturer: AmazonUs/KW6M5
Country of Origin: USA

For ​a perfect, long-lasting manicure, don’t forget to use the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and Top Coat. Proper⁣ nail preparation is‌ key to avoid bubbles ​and ‍streaks in your​ manicure. With powerful polishes that evoke memories and emotions, OPI continues to revolutionize nail color and care since 1981, delivering outstanding quality and service to its customers.

Product Features:

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Discover the OPI Summer⁢ 2021 ⁤Malibu Collection with 12 vibrant shades that capture the essence of LA’s coastal paradise. From the rhythmic Strawberry⁤ Waves Forever glitter to the sophisticated El Mat-adoring You neutral tone, each⁢ polish reflects the ‌spirit of ​summer. The unrestrained Mali-blue Shore blue shade and the sun-kissed​ tan of⁢ Endless Sun-ner will transport you to a year-round summer.

Product Dimensions Item Model Number Country of Origin
1.37 x⁤ 1.37 x 3.18 inches 99350080950_1 USA

For a long-lasting manicure, start with the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat ​to enhance sticking power and reduce chipping. Complete your look with the OPI Top ‍Coat for a shiny finish and extended wear. Dive into the world of nail art with OPI and create stunning looks like the ‌’Let’s Raincheck, Bu’. Trust OPI, the nail brand that has been leading the industry since 1981, for quality products and endless color options.

Pros and Cons:

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When it comes to the OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz,⁣ there are‌ definitely some aspects that we love and a few things that could be improved upon. Let’s break it down:

  • Pros:

    • Wide range of bold and sophisticated shades to choose from
    • Great long-lasting formula that resists chipping
    • Easy to apply with a ⁤smooth ⁤finish
    • Works​ well with OPI ⁤Natural Nail Base Coat and Top Coat for extended wear

  • Cons:

    • Some shades⁤ may require multiple coats for full opacity
    • Occasional streaking if not applied⁢ using the Three Stroke‍ Method

OPI Nail Lacquer Details
Product Dimensions Item Weight Country ⁤of Origin
1.37 x 1.37 x 3.18 inches 2.12 ounces USA

Overall, the OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz is a fantastic nail polish that offers a wide variety of shades with a long-lasting formula. While some shades may ⁣require extra coats for full coverage, the smooth⁣ finish and resistance to chipping make it a great choice for any nail polish lover. Don’t forget to pair it with the OPI Natural Nail ​Base Coat and Top ​Coat for the best results!

If you’re looking to add some vibrant color to your⁤ nails, check ​out ⁤the OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 ‌fl oz on Amazon today!

Our Recommendation:

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After experiencing the‍ bold and vibrant OPI Summer 2021 Malibu Collection, we ‌wholeheartedly ⁢recommend these nail lacquers for anyone looking to add a pop of ‍color to their​ summer ⁣manicure routine. With shades like “Strawberry Waves Forever” and⁣ “Mali-blue Shore,” you’ll feel like you’ve been ⁢transported to the iconic coastal paradise of LA⁢ with just ⁤a few brush strokes. The collection offers a perfect balance of saturated hues and sophisticated neutrals, making it versatile for any style or occasion.

For⁢ a long-lasting and flawless manicure, we suggest using the OPI Natural Nail Base ​Coat before applying your favorite shade from the Malibu Collection. Finish ‌off⁢ your look with the OPI Top Coat for a beautiful shiny finish that will extend the life of your manicure. Whether you’re ⁣a⁣ fan of ⁤glittery pinks or creamy neutrals, this collection has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the ‍chance to elevate your nail game this summer!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the⁤ OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz, it is clear that this product has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. We have compiled some of‍ the key points ‍mentioned ​by customers below:

  • Color Variety: Customers appreciate the wide range of colors available, with many users finding their favorite shades in the OPI collection.
  • Quality: The ‍high quality of the nail polish is ‌a common theme among reviews, with users​ noting that the ⁣polish lasts⁤ for up to two weeks without chipping.
  • Ease of Application: Many customers ​praise the brush design, stating that it makes the manicure process easy and smooth.
  • Child-Friendly: Some users mention that the mini sizes are perfect for kids, making it a fun activity for the whole family.
  • Name​ Recognition: The established reputation of OPI as a brand is mentioned by customers, highlighting the trustworthiness of the product.

Customer Ratings Summary

Rating Number of Reviews
5 stars 6
4 stars 1
3 stars 1
2⁣ stars 0
1 ⁤star 1

The majority of customers have rated the OPI Nail Lacquer with 5⁤ stars, highlighting the overall satisfaction with⁤ the product quality and performance.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Wide range of beautiful and bold colors
  2. Smooth application for ​even coverage
  3. Long-lasting formula that resists chipping
  4. Quick-drying for convenient at-home manicures
  5. Great summer-themed collection inspired by Malibu


  1. Some shades ⁣may require multiple coats ​for full opacity
  2. Price point may ​be higher compared to other nail polish brands
  3. May need to use a base ​coat and top coat for best results
  4. Can thicken over⁤ time, ‌requiring ⁢nail polish thinner for‍ maintenance
  5. Limited availability in ‍certain ‍regions


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Q: How ⁢do I properly prep the nail?
A: Properly prep ‌the nails ⁤by pushing back the cuticles, cleaning ‌the nail plate, and ‍removing any hangnails or dead tissue around the nail. Cleanse⁣ the​ nails thoroughly with an OPI Expert Touch Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution.

Q: Why do ‍I get bubbles ‌in⁢ my manicure?
A: For the ⁢best result, allow each coat to dry before applying the​ next‍ coat. If the previous coats are still wet, they will continue to dry under the new coat and air bubbles will get trapped in between.

Q: Why does my Nail Lacquer get thick?
A: Nail Lacquer contains solvents which evaporate with use and causes your polish to⁣ get⁣ thick. Use Nail ⁤Lacquer thinner to replace the evaporated solvents and⁣ you’re good to go again!

Q: How do ⁤I remove cuticle ‌flooding?
A: Easily remove Nail Lacquer nail polish from the skin by dipping a brush‍ or Q-tip into Expert Touch Lacquer Remover and clean around ⁤the cuticle.

Q: Why is ​my Nail⁣ Lacquer nail polish streaky?
A: Make sure to apply OPI Nail Lacquer nail polish using the Three Stroke Method to avoid​ streaking and create an even application.

We⁤ hope these Q&A ‍helped address any concerns you may⁤ have had about the ⁢OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz! If you ‌have any more questions, feel free to ​reach out to us.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we wrap up our Summer ​Dreams ‍review of the OPI Nail Lacquer 0.5 fl oz from the Malibu Collection, we can’t help but feel inspired‌ by the vibrant shades and long-lasting quality ⁤of these nail polishes. Whether you’re rocking the shimmering “Strawberry Waves Forever” or the subtle beauty of ‌”From Dusk til Dune”, OPI has truly captured the essence of a dreamy summer palette.

For flawless nails ⁣that last, don’t forget to use the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat and⁣ Top Coat to seal in your ⁤manicure. And if you ever encounter streaking or thickening, remember ⁢OPI’s expert tips to keep your nails looking fresh and beautiful.

Feeling ready to embrace the summer ⁣vibes ⁣with OPI Nail Lacquer?​ Click here to get your hands on‌ this amazing product and start creating your own Malibu-inspired nail art: Get your OPI Nail Lacquer Now!

Let your⁣ nails be ⁣your canvas and‍ dive into a world of endless color ‌possibilities with OPI. Here’s to ⁤a summer filled with bold hues and beautiful manicures!

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