Ah, coffee—the elixir that fuels our mornings and powers our days. Yet, our recent encounter with the BLACK+DECKER CM0915BKD 12-Cup Coffee Maker left us with more than just a caffeine craving. Our excitement for this sleek appliance quickly turned into disappointment.

The promise of an “Easy On/Off Switch” fell flat when the switch began to act finicky after just a few uses. It seems the simplicity advertised was a bit too simplistic for its own good. And while the “Non-Drip Carafe with Removable Filter Basket” sounded like a dream, in reality, we found ourselves dealing with drips and spills more often than not.

We wanted to love this coffee maker—the design is appealing, and the price point is reasonable. However, durability and performance are paramount in our morning routine. Sadly, the BLACK+DECKER CM0915BKD did not stand up to the challenge.

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