The Ultimate Power Solution: GOOLOO GTX280 Jump Starter Review

The Ultimate Power Solution: GOOLOO GTX280 Jump Starter Review

We recently had the opportunity to test out the GOOLOO ‍GTX280⁣ Portable Power Station, and ​we ‍were blown away by ⁤its capabilities. This jump starter is a game-changer for anyone who values convenience and reliability when it comes to their vehicle’s battery.​ With features like a 3.2-inch screen for real-time battery status updates and 100W ​two-way fast charging, this power station is not‌ only easy to use but also incredibly efficient. We’ll delve deeper ‌into our firsthand ‍experience with‌ this product in our review, so stay tuned to learn all about‍ the‍ power and practicality of the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable Power Station!

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Looking for a portable power station that can jump-start your car, charge your devices, and provide emergency power during road trips or camping? The GOOLOO GTX280‌ Portable​ Power Station ⁣is the perfect⁤ solution. With 3000A peak cranking power, this ⁣lithium battery backup is powerful enough to start a dead 12 volt car battery in seconds. Plus, it’s equipped with 10 kinds ‌of ⁢protection technology⁢ to ensure safe jump-starts every time.

The GTX280 also features ‍100W two-way fast charging, a 77000mAh large battery capacity, and multiple output⁢ options including 3‍ USB ports, 2 Type‍ C ports,⁢ and a 110V/120W AC‍ outlet. Whether you need to‌ charge your⁢ smartphone, laptop, camera, or even a mini-fridge, this portable ⁣power station has ⁣you covered. Compact, easy to use, and waterproof, the GOOLOO GTX280 ‌is a versatile ​and reliable solution for all your power⁣ needs. Don’t wait until you’re stranded with a dead battery –‌ get your GOOLOO GTX280 Portable⁤ Power Station now and stay ⁢prepared for any situation!

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Key⁢ Features and Benefits

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When it comes⁣ to , the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable Power Station stands out for its ease of ‌use. The informative‌ 3.2-inch screen provides real-time battery​ status, allowing⁣ you to see exactly when your device is ready to use. ‍Compared to traditional jump box kits, this portable power station ‍is compact and user-friendly.

Another ​standout feature​ is the 100W two-way fast charging ⁢capability. The GTX280 can be fully recharged in just 2.8 hours, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go lifestyles. With 3000 ⁤Amps peak cranking power and built-in safety technologies, this​ power station is not only powerful but also safe for starting dead 12-volt car‍ batteries.​ Plus, ⁤with a large battery ⁤capacity and multiple ​output⁢ options, this ⁣portable power station is perfect for road trips, camping, emergencies, and more.

In-Depth Analysis

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Feature Description
Informative 3.2-inch screen Real-time battery status⁣ display
100W Two-way‌ Fast Charging Recharge to 100% ‍in 2.8 hours
Powerful & Safe Jump-start 3000 ‍Amps peak cranking power
77000mAh​ Large Battery Capacity Charges iPhones, iPads, and⁢ Macbooks multiple ​times

We are thoroughly impressed with the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable Power Station. The informative 3.2-inch screen provides real-time battery status, making it easy to know when it’s ⁢ready to jump-start a car. The 100W ⁢two-way fast charging capability ⁣is ‍a game-changer, allowing for quick‌ and efficient recharging.‍ With 3000 Amps peak⁢ cranking power and​ 10 kinds of protection technology, this power ‍station can‌ safely jump-start‌ a variety of vehicles, including 10.0L Gas/8.0L ⁤Diesel engines.

Furthermore, the 77000mAh large battery capacity is impressive, ‍offering extended power supply for multiple devices. ⁤The compact⁢ and ‌waterproof ⁤design, along with the multitude of ‍ports available, make this power station ⁤versatile for various ​charging needs. Overall, ‌the GOOLOO GTX280 is⁢ an essential tool for road trips, camping, emergencies,‌ and ⁢everyday use.‌ Don’t miss out ‍on this powerful and reliable‌ portable‌ power station – check it⁤ out on Amazon!

Our Recommendations

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After thoroughly testing the GOOLOO‌ GTX280 Portable Power Station, ⁢we can confidently say that this ​jump ‌starter‍ is an essential⁢ tool ⁣for ⁤any vehicle owner. The informative 3.2-inch screen provides real-time battery status updates, making it easy to know⁢ when you’re ready ⁣to start your car. With 100W ​two-way fast charging capabilities, this ⁤power station can be fully recharged ⁤in just 2.8 hours, ensuring you’re always prepared for ‍emergencies on the road.

The GTX280‌ is ​not only powerful, with 3000 Amps peak cranking​ power,⁢ but also safe, thanks to its built-in 10 kinds​ of protection technology. With a large 77000mAh battery capacity, ‍this power station can charge your devices multiple times over, ⁢making it the perfect companion for road trips, camping, and outdoor adventures. Included in the box are all the necessary accessories, as well as an 18-month ‍warranty and lifetime tech support. Don’t miss out on ⁤this ‌reliable and versatile portable power‍ station‍ – get ‍yours today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

As we sift through the ⁢various customer reviews for the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable ‍Power Station​ 3000A Jump Starter, ⁢we can see a diverse range of ⁣experiences and ‌opinions‌ shared ⁣by users. Let’s break down the key points from the reviews:

User 1:

Praise Concern
Successfully jump-started a⁤ car ‌without breaking‌ a sweat Inverter may not⁢ be suitable for delicate electronics
USB C capabilities‍ as advertised Unit stopped taking a charge after several months ⁣of use

User 2:

Durable and reliable daily use over six months
Efficient⁣ for jump-starting both diesel⁢ and gasoline​ vehicles
Responsive customer ⁣service for warranty⁤ replacement

User 3:

Benefits Issues
Portable and powerful for outdoor activities Some⁢ units may ‍arrive defective and unresponsive to​ charging
Versatile usage ‌for various electronic devices Concerns about modified sine wave ⁤current for ⁢specific ⁤equipment

We observe common themes of satisfaction⁣ with the ⁤jump-starting capabilities and overall versatility ⁢of the GOOLOO GTX280, ​alongside occasional concerns about product longevity and specific functionality. The responses to defects varied and highlighted​ the importance of reliable customer support for resolving issues ‍promptly.

Despite some ​setbacks, the majority ⁢of users express contentment with the performance and value provided by this portable power station.⁢ It continues to be recommended for its comprehensive features and practical applications in various scenarios.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Compact‍ and Portable Design
Informative 3.2-inch Screen
100W⁢ Two-way Fast Charging
Powerful 3000A Jump-start Capability
Multiple Charging Ports
Large Battery Capacity
Comes with Carrying Bag


Jumper ​Cable Not Included
Wall Charger Not Included
AC Outlet Detachable

Overall, the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable Power Station is a versatile and‌ powerful ⁢jump starter with fast charging capabilities and a compact design. However, it lacks some‌ accessories‌ and‍ may not be‍ ideal for all users.


Q: How long does it take to fully‌ charge the GOOLOO GTX280 Portable Power Station?

A: The GTX280 can be ⁣recharged to 100% in just 2.8 hours using the inverter and the 100W ‌private protocol type-c‌ charging cable.

Q: Can the GTX280⁢ be used to jump-start different types of vehicles?

A: Yes, the GTX280 is powerful enough to safely start a dead 12 volt ⁤car battery in seconds, and is compatible⁤ with vehicles with 10.0L Gas/8.0L Diesel engines.

Q: ‍How many devices can be ⁣charged simultaneously with ‍the GTX280?

A: The GTX280 features⁤ 3 USB ports,⁣ 2 Type C ‍ports,⁣ 1 AC outlet (110V/120W), and 3 DC outputs, allowing you to charge up to 9 devices at⁢ once.

Q: Is the GTX280 waterproof and suitable ⁢for outdoor use?

A: ⁢The GTX280 is compact, portable, and waterproof, making it perfect for‍ outdoor activities such as⁤ road trips, camping, hiking, and even emergency situations⁣ like hurricanes.

Q: What accessories are included with ⁤the GTX280 Portable Power Station?

A: In addition⁢ to the power station itself, the‌ package includes a ​car inverter, PD100W data cable, USB to Type-C cable, hook, carrying strap, carrying bag, user⁤ manual,​ and 18 months warranty with lifetime tech support.

Achieve​ New Heights

We hope⁤ you enjoyed our comprehensive review of the GOOLOO GTX280 Jump Starter! With ⁢its powerful⁤ performance, ⁤easy-to-use interface, and compact design,‌ this portable power station is truly the ‍ultimate ​power solution for all your charging needs. Don’t⁣ miss out on this game-changing device – click‍ here to get your hands on the GOOLOO GTX280 ⁢Jump Starter now!

Get your GOOLOO GTX280‍ Jump Starter here!

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