Unveiling the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable: Our Honest Review

Unveiling the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable: Our Honest Review

If​ you’re like‌ us,​ you love finding affordable and​ reliable tech accessories that⁤ make your life easier. That’s why we were eager to ‌try out the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable. This gold-plated, ⁤6-foot⁤ cable promises to connect your HDMI source to a VGA display with ease, whether it’s a ‌laptop, ‌Xbox, or monitor. ⁣But does it deliver on its promises? ⁣Join us as we dive into⁣ our firsthand ⁣experience with⁢ this ⁤Amazon Basics​ cable⁣ to find out.

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When it ⁢comes to connecting our devices with HDMI ports to VGA displays, the⁤ Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA cable has been a reliable solution for us. The cable is compatible with a range of devices including computers, laptops, Xbox,‌ Roku, and more. We’ve⁤ successfully used it ⁣with Windows laptops like Lenovo Yoga, ‍HP Elite, and Dell XPS, among others. It’s‌ important‌ to note that it is not suitable for low-power HDMI devices like Blu-ray players ⁢or Apple MacBook Pro.

The cable’s impressive performance ‌supports resolutions up to 1920×1080@60Hz, ​ensuring high-quality display output. The gold-plated connectors not only enhance signal transmission but also provide ​durability by resisting corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, the one-way transmission design of⁤ the cable ensures ‍a seamless connection from HDMI source to VGA display. If you’re in need of a reliable HDMI to VGA cable for your devices, we highly recommend checking out the Amazon⁣ Basics​ HDMI to‌ VGA cable for a seamless connection experience.

Key Features

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When⁢ it comes to , this HDMI to VGA cable ​from Amazon Basics‌ stands out for its compatibility ⁤with a wide range of devices. From computers‌ and laptops to Xbox, ‍Roku, ‌and more, this cable allows you to connect your HDMI⁣ source to a⁣ VGA display with ease. It works seamlessly with popular Windows PCs like Lenovo Yoga, HP Elite, Dell XPS, Microsoft Surface, Razer, LG, and Acer laptops, making it a versatile option for various setups. However, do ⁢keep in mind that it is not‍ compatible with devices that‌ have low-power HDMI ports such as Blu-ray‌ players, PS4, PS5, Apple ⁣MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and ‍Apple TV.

In terms of performance, this ⁤cable ⁤supports resolutions up to 1920×1080@60Hz (1080p Full HD),‌ ensuring​ sharp and⁣ clear visuals for your viewing pleasure. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or giving presentations, you can rely⁢ on this cable ⁣to deliver high-quality images. Additionally, the durable design ‍with gold-plated connectors enhances ‌signal transmission while resisting corrosion and abrasion for long-lasting use. Plus, with its‍ one-way transmission‍ feature (HDMI source to VGA display), you can⁤ enjoy a ‍seamless ⁢connection without any bi-directional complications. With all these , this​ HDMI to VGA cable is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their display setup.

In-depth⁣ Analysis and ‌Recommendations

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We conducted an in-depth analysis of the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable, focusing on its compatibility, performance, and durability.


  • Connects devices with HDMI ports to⁢ VGA devices
  • Works with various laptops including Lenovo Yoga, HP Elite, Dell XPS, ⁣and ⁢more
  • Not compatible with low-power ⁣HDMI devices like Blu-ray players or Apple MacBook Pro


  • Supports resolutions up to 1920×1080@60Hz
  • Delivers high-quality display including‍ Full‍ HD and other resolutions
  • One-way‌ transmission only, with ​HDMI as the source and VGA as the ‌display

For a reliable and affordable‍ HDMI to VGA cable, ⁣check⁤ out the Amazon Basics cable here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully ​reviewing the customer feedback for the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable, we have gathered some valuable insights⁣ into the performance ‌and quality of this product.

Positive ‍Reviews

1 My husband needed a​ cord like this to connect ‌a work product to an old TV. ⁤It was exactly what he needed and ⁢works perfectly.
2 It produces good quality picture⁢ on the⁣ TV and is ​long enough to plug in both comfortably.
3 Works great. ⁣Good quality.⁣

Many customers praised the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable for its ⁢ease of ‍use, quality picture ‌output, and‌ durability.

Negative Reviews

1 Short lifespan, stopped working after a few months.
2 (Nvidia GPU, Windows 11) It outputs a signal, but my​ PC ⁣doesn’t know⁢ what ⁢to do with it. Could be an issue with my ‌particular cable.

Some customers reported issues with the cable’s lifespan and compatibility with ​certain devices, highlighting the need for further testing and potential improvements.

Overall Verdict

The Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable has received⁢ mixed reviews from customers, with many praising its performance and value for money, while others experienced technical issues. It is important ‌to consider⁤ your specific needs and compatibility requirements before purchasing this product.

Pros & ​Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. Compatible with ‌a variety of devices ‌such as laptops, Xbox, Roku,‌ etc.
2. Supports ⁣resolutions up to 1920×1080@60Hz for crisp and clear display
3. ⁣Durable design with gold-plated ‌connectors for improved signal transmission
4. 6-foot length ‌provides flexibility in setup


1. One-way transmission⁣ only; not ⁤bi-directional
2. Not compatible with devices like Blu-ray player, PS4, Apple‍ MacBook Pro, etc.

Overall,⁢ the ⁤Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA cable is a reliable option for⁤ connecting‌ HDMI source devices to VGA displays. It offers good compatibility and⁤ performance, but users should ⁢be aware ⁢of ⁢its limitations in terms of ⁣bi-directional transmission and compatibility ‌with certain devices.


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Q: Is this cable compatible with MacBooks or Apple devices?
A: Unfortunately, this HDMI to VGA cable is not compatible with low-power HDMI ⁤ports​ found ‍in devices like Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, ⁣Apple TV, etc. It is specifically designed for⁣ use with Windows PCs like Lenovo Yoga,⁣ HP Elite, Dell XPS, Microsoft ⁤Surface, and other⁤ laptops.

Q: Can I use ⁤this cable‍ to connect my PS4 or PS5 to a VGA monitor?
A: No, ⁣this cable is‍ not compatible with​ devices like PS4 or PS5. It is best suited⁤ for connecting computers, laptops, Xbox, Roku, or similar devices with HDMI ports to TVs, monitors,​ projectors, or ‍other devices with VGA ports.

Q: Does the cable support audio transmission as⁢ well?
A: No, this HDMI to VGA cable is designed for video ⁢transmission ⁤only. It does‍ not support audio transmission, so you will need a ⁤separate audio cable for connecting ⁤your device to ⁤speakers or headphones.

Q: How long ‍is the cable?
A: The Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable ​comes in a 6-foot length, providing ample reach for connecting your devices without any hassle.

Q: Can I ‍use a⁤ converter ‍or adapter with ​this cable?
A: It⁤ is recommended not ‍to use any converter ‍or adapter between your laptop or device ‍and the HDMI to VGA⁤ cable to‌ ensure optimal performance. This cable⁤ is designed for direct connection between HDMI and VGA ports.

Reveal the Extraordinary

As we wrap up our​ honest ⁢review of the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable, we hope‍ our insights have helped shed ⁣light on ⁤whether this product is the right fit ‌for‌ your needs. With its compatibility with various devices, durable design, and high performance capabilities, this cable proves to be a ⁤reliable choice for your connectivity requirements. Remember, this cable⁤ is not bidirectional, so make sure to ⁣use it accordingly.

If you’re ready to elevate your viewing experience and enhance your⁤ connectivity, ⁣why not give⁤ the Amazon Basics HDMI to VGA Cable a ​try?⁢ Click here to get your hands on this​ reliable ​cable: Amazon Basics HDMI ‌to VGA Cable

Thank you for joining us on this review journey. ⁢Stay connected and⁢ stay⁤ informed with the right cables ‍for​ your devices.

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