World of Dark Web: Good versus Evil

Nowadays many among us spend plenty of time on the Web, reading the headlines, celebrity gossip, making online transactions, and like the social media posts of our friends. But did you also know that there is another world on the web hidden from us? You would be surprised if you know the real facts about this other Web world. Well! This is with the name Dark Web among us. Most likely its name Dark Web has a dark history in the web world.

In this article, we are going to talk about the good versus evil of the Dark Web. So, if you are also curious to know what exactly the Dark Web is and either it is good or harmful for us then stay with this article.

What is the Dark Web and how exactly it works?

The dark web is made up of a few hidden sites that you never find over conventional search engines. Dark Web sites use encryption software to hide the personal data and location of their users. So basically Dark Web is home to many people who won’t hide their online activities from Government and other Security agencies. It works by using encryption software as it always aims to keep anonymous to its users.

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Let’s learn about the good and evil sides of the Dark Web. After knowing these facts you will be able to understand if it is good for you or it is bad.

Good Side of Dark Web

Everything in this universe always has its good side or bad side. It depends on how you make use of it. So if you are using the Dark Web for a good cause then it will be good for everyone. Suppose that you are a journalist and you want to send information by keeping sources anonymous then this will be a good cause to use the Dark Web. Sometimes law enforcement agencies also use the Dark Web to do some online activities. Sometimes people use the Dark Web to communicate with each other by fear of political prosecution from their government. So, these are some good uses of the Dark Web but the Dark side is to be discussed yet.

So be with this article as we are going to discuss the bad side of the Dark Web that is more important to know for your safer online experience.

Evil Side of Dark Web

In the above you got to know about the fact that at Dark Web your identity and location is kept hidden, so this has also become home of several illegal activities such as illegal drug, gun sales to pornography and online gambling, etc. Several online hackers use the Dark Web to keep their identities anonymous. It is advisable not to use the Dark Web for any criminal activities as you can face prosecution and jail time.


In short, Dark Web is a bundle of sites and while visiting these sites your identity and location is kept anonymous. And this is a matter of anxiety for all of us as many hackers and cybercriminals can steal your important information and data. To avoid these types of cyber threats you can start using a reliable security solution like Norton that will keep your data safe from hackers and cybercriminals. Norton LifeLock provides you a complete security solution and it offers a 30 days free plan when you purchase it. If you want to learn more about Norton LifeLock then you can visit Norton’s official website via


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