Caffeine Companion: BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup* Coffeemaker Review

Caffeine Companion: BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup* Coffeemaker Review

Welcome, coffee enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world ‍of caffeinated bliss with a ‌review of the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, CM1160B-1. If you’re anything like us, you understand the importance of that morning cup of joe to kickstart your day. But finding the perfect coffee ​maker to suit your needs can⁤ sometimes feel like navigating a labyrinth of options.⁢ Fear not, because⁣ we’ve got our hands on this sleek, programmable coffee maker, and we’re here to spill the beans on whether ‌it lives up to the hype.

First impressions matter,⁢ and the BLACK+DECKER CM1160B-1 certainly makes a statement with its modern design and black‌ finish that seamlessly ⁤blends into​ any⁤ kitchen aesthetic. But let’s be real, it’s what’s under the hood that counts,​ right? This coffee maker boasts an ⁤array ⁤of features aimed at making your morning routine smoother ⁣than ever.

QuickTouch Programming? Check. With just a few taps of the rubberized ‍buttons, you can effortlessly set ‌the 24-hour⁢ auto brew feature, ensuring that your coffee is ready and waiting for you when you need⁢ it most. And speaking ‌of‌ convenience, the Sneak-A-Cup ‍Technology is a game-changer for ⁢those moments when patience isn’t exactly your ⁢strong ​suit. No⁤ more ​waiting for the entire pot to brew⁢ – simply pause ‌the⁤ flow of coffee, pour‍ yourself a cup, ⁣and resume brewing without any messy spills.

Safety and‌ peace of mind are also top priorities, with the 2-hour⁣ auto shutoff feature ensuring that you never​ have‍ to ‌worry about accidentally leaving the coffee maker on. Plus, ‌cleanup is a ⁤breeze ⁣thanks to the removable, dishwasher-safe brew basket, compatible‍ with both basket-style paper filters‍ and the environmentally-conscious washable filter.

But enough chatter – does the BLACK+DECKER CM1160B-1 deliver on its promises? Stay tuned as we put this programmable powerhouse to the ⁤test‌ and give you our honest‍ take on whether ‍it’s worth adding to your morning lineup.

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A Morning Revival with the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker
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A Morning Revival with the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker

Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed⁤ coffee sets the perfect‌ tone for the day ahead, and with our BLACK+DECKER​ 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, that morning ritual becomes a breeze. The QuickTouch™ Programming buttons streamline the process, allowing us to effortlessly set the⁢ 24-hour ​auto brew feature. This means no more waiting around for ‍that first cup, as our coffee⁣ is ready and waiting for us each morning.

One standout feature we adore is the ⁢ Sneak-A-Cup™ ‍Technology, which lets us grab a cup mid-brew without any messy spills. Coupled with the 2-Hour Auto Shutoff for peace ⁢of mind, and the Removable Filter Basket for easy​ cleanup, this coffee maker truly‍ caters to our convenience. With its Digital Controls sporting ​a rubberized feel, complete control over our coffee brewing experience has never ‍been simpler.

Get Your BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker Now!Exploring the Convenience​ of Programmable Brewing and the Sneak-A-Cup Feature
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Exploring the ​Convenience of Programmable Brewing and the Sneak-A-Cup Feature

When it comes to⁢ brewing coffee, convenience is key, and the BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker certainly delivers. With QuickTouch™ ‌Programming buttons, setting the​ 24-hour auto⁣ brew feature‍ becomes a breeze, ensuring that you wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee each morning. This feature not ‍only ⁤saves time but also adds an element of ease to your daily routine, allowing you to focus​ on other tasks while your coffee ​brews effortlessly in the background.

One of the ⁢standout features of⁤ this coffeemaker is its Sneak-A-Cup™⁤ Technology, which‍ allows you to temporarily pause the brewing process to pour yourself a cup of coffee without any⁢ spills or⁢ mess. This⁣ handy feature ensures that you can enjoy a quick caffeine fix without having to wait for the ​entire pot to brew. Combined with other useful functionalities‍ such ‍as​ the 2-hour auto​ shutoff for added safety and peace of mind, as well as​ the⁢ dishwasher-safe brew basket for easy cleanup, this⁢ coffeemaker ‍offers a seamless brewing experience that caters to your convenience.

Discover more about⁢ the BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker on Amazon!Our Deep Dive into Durability and Maintenance: Washable Basket and More
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Our Deep Dive into Durability and Maintenance: Washable Basket ⁣and More

When it comes to durability ‍and ‍maintenance, the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital ⁢Coffee Maker truly​ stands out. One ‌of the standout features is the washable brew basket, which makes‌ cleanup a breeze. No more hassles with disposable filters—simply rinse and reuse,⁢ reducing waste and saving you ⁣money in the long run. This thoughtful design not only enhances ‌convenience but also contributes to the sustainability ​of your coffee brewing ​routine.

Feature Benefits
Washable Brew Basket Easy cleanup and sustainable ‌brewing
Removable ⁣Filter ⁢Basket Dishwasher-safe and compatible with paper filters
2-Hour ⁢Auto Shutoff Enhanced safety ⁤and⁢ peace of mind

In addition to the washable basket, the removable filter ⁢basket is also dishwasher-safe, ensuring hassle-free ⁣maintenance. This feature, coupled with ⁢the 2-hour auto shutoff ⁤ function,​ not‌ only simplifies your daily routine but also provides added⁢ safety and peace of mind. With the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, you can enjoy your favorite brew ‍with minimal effort and maximum convenience.

From Beans to Brew: Our Verdict on Performance and Taste
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Having put the BLACK+DECKER™ ‌Programmable‌ Coffeemaker through its‌ paces, we’re ready⁣ to spill the beans‌ on its performance and taste. Let’s ⁢dive in!

Features Our Take
QuickTouch™ Programming Effortlessly set ‍the auto brew feature, ensuring a fresh pot is ready when you wake.
Sneak-A-Cup™ Technology A lifesaver for those impatient mornings—grab a cup mid-brew without the mess.
2-Hour Auto​ Shutoff Peace of mind knowing your coffeemaker won’t be left running all day.
Removable Filter Basket Cleanup made simple with dishwasher-safe convenience.

With its⁤ user-friendly controls and thoughtful ​features, this coffeemaker streamlines ​your morning routine while ⁣delivering a flavorful brew.‌ Don’t miss out on ⁢the ‌convenience ⁤and taste—get yours today!

Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

After combing through customer feedback on the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, CM1160B-1, we’ve gathered valuable ​insights to help ‌you make an informed decision.

Review Summary

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
Easy to use Rust issues with hot plate
Produces ‌great⁤ coffee Noisy operation
Convenient features like ‍timer and auto-brew Tricky lid mechanism
Attractive design and compact footprint Issues with water filling and carafe⁤ placement
Good value for money

Individual ​Reviews

  • Many customers praised the ease of use, attractive design,‍ and excellent coffee produced by the BLACK+DECKER coffee maker.
  • However, several users reported issues with the ⁤hot plate rusting over time, which impacted the aesthetics of the ​machine.
  • Noisy operation during brewing was a common complaint among ⁤some customers, along ​with difficulties in handling the lid ⁣and ⁣carafe.
  • Positive remarks highlighted the convenience of features like the timer and auto-brew function, as well as the‍ compact size of ​the appliance.
  • While some found the product to be a worthy replacement for older ‌models, others felt ‌it fell short in comparison ‌to their previous ‍coffee makers.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the BLACK+DECKER⁢ 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, CM1160B-1, offers a blend of convenience,​ value, and performance. However, potential⁢ buyers should be aware of the ⁢reported issues with the hot plate and noise during ‍operation. If ease of use, affordability, and decent coffee quality are your ⁢priorities, this coffee maker could be a suitable addition to your ⁢kitchen.


Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


QuickTouch™ Programming Convenient 24-hour auto brew feature for hassle-free mornings.
Sneak-A-Cup™ Technology Pause brewing to grab a cup without making a mess.
12-Cup* Duralife™ Glass ⁢Carafe Generous capacity⁢ for ⁣serving‌ multiple cups.
Washable Brew Basket Easy‌ to ⁢clean, dishwasher-safe for⁢ added ⁢convenience.
Water Window Allows easy ‌monitoring of water level.
Keep ⁣Hot Plate Ensures your coffee stays warm for longer.


  • Requires regular ⁤cleaning to maintain optimal performance.
  • Some users may ⁣find the buttons too large and‍ rubberized.
  • The carafe design⁤ might make pouring a bit tricky for some.
  • Occasional issues reported with the programming function.

“` Q&A
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**Q&A Section**

Q: Can I program the coffee maker to brew at‌ a specific ​time?

A: Absolutely! With our BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, you can easily set the 24-hour ⁣auto ⁤brew feature using the ‌QuickTouch™ Programming buttons. This means you can wake up to the ‌aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning without lifting a finger.

Q: How ⁣does the Sneak-A-Cup™ Technology work?

A: Sneak-A-Cup™ Technology allows you to pause the brewing process momentarily, so ‍you can pour yourself a cup of coffee before the full brew cycle is complete. No ​more⁣ waiting⁤ impatiently for that first sip! Just lift the carafe, pour, and let the brewing continue seamlessly.

Q:⁣ Is the carafe durable and easy to clean?

A: Absolutely! Our 12-cup Duralife™ glass carafe is ⁤designed to withstand daily‌ use and is dishwasher safe for ​easy cleaning. Plus, the removable washable brew ‌basket makes cleanup a breeze, ensuring ⁢you spend less time scrubbing and more​ time enjoying your coffee.

Q: How long does the hot plate keep the coffee ‍warm?

A: Our coffeemaker features a Keep Hot Plate that maintains your coffee at an optimal temperature for up​ to two hours after brewing. So whether you’re savoring a leisurely breakfast ⁢or need a‌ mid-morning pick-me-up, your coffee will stay piping hot and delicious.

Q: Is it easy to operate the digital controls?

A: Absolutely! The coffeemaker’s digital controls feature ⁢a rubberized feel and ⁢large, easy-to-read buttons, making it ⁣a ⁢breeze to navigate through various settings. You can easily program the brew time, clock, and other options with just a few ‍taps.

Q: Can I use paper filters with this coffeemaker?

A: Yes, you can! The removable filter ⁣basket is compatible with basket-style paper filters, providing you with the flexibility to‍ choose your‍ preferred brewing method. Plus, the basket is dishwasher safe, ensuring ⁤hassle-free cleanup after each use. Embody Excellence
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As we wrap up our exploration of the BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup* Programmable Coffeemaker, ⁣we’re reminded of⁤ the simple ‍joys that ‌a⁢ perfectly brewed cup of coffee ​can‌ bring to ​our daily routines. With its QuickTouch™ Programming and Sneak-A-Cup™ Technology, this coffeemaker seamlessly integrates into⁤ our ⁤mornings, ⁢ensuring that we start⁢ each day on the right note.

The convenience of the ⁢24-hour auto brew feature‌ means we can wake up to the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee, ready to fuel⁢ our day ahead. And with its thoughtful design ‍features like the ⁤washable brew basket and the​ 2-hour auto shutoff for added safety, this coffeemaker becomes ⁢more than just a kitchen appliance—it becomes our trusted caffeine companion.

Whether it’s a quick pick-me-up in the morning or a leisurely cup ‍enjoyed with friends, ​the BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup* Programmable Coffeemaker delivers on both performance and reliability.

If you’re ready to elevate your coffee experience, join ⁢us in discovering the convenience and quality of ⁢the BLACK+DECKER™ 12-Cup* Programmable ⁣Coffeemaker. Click here to‍ find ‌out more and make it a part of your daily routine: Get your BLACK+DECKER™ Coffeemaker now!

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